Dentro Afuera Dentro / Manuel Rocha Iturbide

dentro afuera dentro is a sound intervention on the windows at the principal entrance of La constancia old abandoned textile factory in Puebla Mexico. It is a series of six semi broken windows (Three in one room and three in another room) that belong to the façade of the principal entrance.

The experience of being in this space moved me to make this intervention: the strange beauty of the windows, the metal bars, the wild grass growing without care outside, etc. But what impressed me the most was the murmur sound filtrating through the windows from the outside, a sound scape from the distanced city becoming a “presque rien”. This subtle sound experience could be experienced in a stronger way with an intervention that would underline the feel of our relationship between our inner being and the exterior.

This rapport makes me think about a wanted desertedness, we let abandon ourselves in our interior space because the outer sounds invites us to do it. We are confronted to an external and internal quietness, but the outer quietness consist of an active and minimal soundscape, and we only need something, a point of reference that will connect us to it.

The installation works with speaker cones attached to the windows from the outside, reproducing the external sounds with a stereo microphone and reacting with them with slight generated vibrations. The external sounds being before filtered with a computer program that changes and reverberates different frequencies of the rooms. So this is a minimal music generated through imperceptible over passed limits.

On the other hand, the speaker cones could simulate bizarre animals left outside in the wilderness that try to get inside. Theses beings remind us that we are not alone, that there is an outer world wanting to keep us with company..

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