Stay Tuned / Rutger Zuydervelt

An audio work and installation based on the moment when an orchestra gets in tune, before a performance. Like this. An event that I wish could last forever, which is exactly what 'Stay Tuned' is about.

More then 150 musicians and singers were asked to record an 'A' (which is the note an orchestra normally tunes to), using whatever technique or style they please. So each 'A' has its own unique characteristics, but is also a small part of a much bigger drone.

'Stay Tuned' is presented as a multiple-speaker installation. From each speaker, the sound of an instrument-group is heard, continuously. The speakers are spaciously placed to create an auditive space, so visitors can
literally walk through the orchestra. While wandering, the focus shifts from one instrument-group to next. Each listening position slightly changes the 'colour' of the drone, and makes different details, imperfections and instrument-characteristics audible.

Besides the installation, a composed stereo version of 'Stay Tuned' will be released on cd by Baskaru. There will also be a live performance adaptation of the piece.

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